Commercial Carpet Maintenance Plans

Carpets can be a costly investment for commercial venues, but they contribute to the atmosphere and comfort of your premises, and can help to create the right impression with your customers.

However, poorly maintained carpets can be a nightmare. They can cause health issues, and can even look and smell bad – which certainly does not create the image you are hoping for.

Poorly maintained carpets will also cost significantly more in the long run.

Whenever we make any investment, we want to protect it, and make sure we get the most from it; that’s why a proper maintenance plan is so important for your carpets.

How to take care of your carpets

In order to keep your carpets clean and looking their best, you need to have a regular cleaning routine in place. This will help to make your environment healthier, and also prolong the lifespan of your flooring.


It’s vital in commercial premises, particularly in areas with high traffic, that staff vacuum regularly. This removes loose soil and allergens from the carpets, and helps to keep them clean. Daily maintenance is non negotiable, and it’s the foundation for everything else. But it is far from enough on its own.

Walk-Off Systems

As much as 80% of the dirt that enters your venue is tracked in on the shoes of visitors. By adding walk-off mats at high traffic entrance points, you can significantly reduce the amount of excess soil and water that enters your premises. This will have the knock on effect of reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Spot Removal

Stains and spills can be unsightly, and if left untreated can cause damage and discolouration to carpets. So, it’s important to clean them as soon as possible. Be very careful what chemicals you use, so that you don’t cause further damage. And don’t use too much water, as moisture left in carpets can allow mould to grow.

Maintenance Cleaning

It’s important that you have carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months, to remove embedded soils and contaminants.

Vacuuming alone will not remove everything, and over time the buildup of dirt and allergens poses both a risk to health, and a risk of damage to your carpets.

Why Choose a Maintenance Contract?

More Cost Effective

Regular maintenance extends the life of your carpet. That means you need to replace it less often, and reduces the likelihood that you will need to pay out for repairs and restoration.

As you can see, the longevity of carpets is significantly shorter when regular maintenance isn’t carried out. Sporadic, unplanned maintenance (while better) will still result in your carpets reaching unacceptable levels much quicker than if you have a planned maintenance schedule in place.

The longer your carpet lasts, the lower the yearly investment in that carpet becomes. For example, if a £7,000 carpet lasts 5 years, it has cost you £1,400 a year. Whereas if it lasts 10 years, it will only have cost you £700 a year.

This means that professional maintenance can result in significant savings over the lifespan of a carpet.

Less Chance of Unexpected Costs

Ad hoc cleaning and repair can become costly, and can mean that you end up with a hefty cleaning bill at the wrong time. When you have a maintenance contract, you have a fixed price that you can budget for.


Forget scrambling around trying to book an appointment to get your carpets cleaned when you notice they’re grubby, or when you’ve got an important event coming up.

When you have a proper maintenance plan in place, you can plan around your schedule, and ensure your carpets are looking their best when it matters most. And your appointments can be scheduled well in advance (this is a big bonus if your carpet cleaner is in demand, which they will be if they’re good).

How Does Professional Cleaning Extend the Life of Your Carpet?

Leaving moisture in carpets can be a big problem, leading to bacteria and mould growing in carpets. It can also result in recurrent stains appearing, and makes your carpet more susceptible to damage. We ensure that we leave all carpets completely dry after cleaning, to avoid this issue.

Abrasive soil embedded in carpets causes damage to the fibres. Professional cleaning removes that soil.

Professional cleaning can also lift the fibres of your carpet (depending on what it’s made from), leaving it looking newer for longer, and helping to reduce the appearance of traffic lanes.

If you would like to discuss how a maintenance plan can help to keep your carpets looking their best for longer, get in touch now.

January 25, 2022
Published by Aaron Midgley
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