Leather Cleaning

Leather furnishings can be a sophisticated and classy addition to your home but without the right care, they can degrade extremely fast. Over time leather can dry, even quicker when in sunlight so it is imperative that you provide your loved pieces of furniture with some TLC regularly.
If your leather isn’t looking what it once did. Don’t panic, we will save you money on replacing it! We are specialist leather cleaners in the Merseyside and West Lancashire areas and we guarantee to bring your furniture back to it’s best!

Extend the life of your leather furniture
Our professional leather cleaning service will significantly extend the life of your loved furniture by removing the debris and surface soils causing your furniture to look tired and dirty and replenishing the moisture that escapes over time, stopping your furniture from getting dry which will cause cracking and crumbling. Our thorough cleaning process will protect your investment helping your leather furniture look it’s best for longer.

Our Process
We will attend your property to survey the job and carry out a series of tests to determine the safest way to clean your furniture, during this time you will receive a FREE, no obligation consultation and quote.
Our technicians will protect the area surrounding their work area and treat your property with the utmost respect, carefully moving any objects that may become damaged during the cleaning process.
A thorough vacuum to remove any debris that might scratch or tear your delicate furniture.
Followed by a deep clean, using our professional leather cleaner that removes engrained soil on the surface and within the pores of the leather.
Finished off, by applying two coats of Condition to replenish the moisture and keep your furniture from drying out in between professional cleans.

We use professional leather cleaning products
Standard household and store bought leather cleaning and conditioning products can be an easy quick fix and can give you great short term results. However the damage they could be causing your furniture could cause beyond repair! These products often leave a residue behind which causes the leather to dry out quickly and may cause discolourations.

Our professional products DO NOT leave any sticky residue behind and our conditioner will leave your furniture nourished and protected, we will also offer to supply you with our leather maintainer to ensure correct maintenance in between professional cleans.

We also stock our own leather maintainer which provides just the right amount of care your furniture needs to keep it looking its best in between professional cleans. Our Guarantee

Midgley carpet and upholstery cleaning guarantee your prestigious will be furniture looking its best again. If you are not 100% satisfied by the service and results, we promise to return and ensure your satisfaction. Our team will take measures to protect their working area and its surrounding within your property, they will leave it in the cleanest of conditions and our professional technicians will arrive fully uniformed in a clean and tidy vehicle.

Contact us today to book a free, no obligation consultation and quote from our experts.

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