Carpet Repair

Carpet Repairs are one of our specialist services, we use the most advanced techniques and methods to provide the best results possible to our clients.

Save money with carpet repair instead of replacement, replacing a whole carpet can cost hundreds to thousands of pounds, whereas the affected area can be repaired for a fraction of the cost. Our aim is to provide our customers with a seamless repair, the majority of the time the results will blow you away as the repair won’t be noticeable or your money back guaranteed!

Damaged carpet can be a serious hazard for your home or establishment. Falls are a leading cause in unintentional injury and damaged carpets with curled edges or broken seams are a severe trip hazard which could lead to avoidable injury. We specialise in identifying and repairing these hazards to ensure a safer environment for your family, customers and employees.

We conduct our repairs to the highest of standards and test them before leaving, this means our work is carried out to withstand maintenance such as daily in-house vacuuming, professional maintenance cleans with rotary equipment and professional deep cleans with hot water extraction.

What we repair

  • Bleach Spots

  • Permanently Set Stains

  • Furniture Indentations

  • Damage from Fireplace and Radiator Removal

  • Burns

    1. Cigarette Burns
      Iron Burns
      Fireplace Coals
  • Pet Damage

    1. Pulls and Snags
      Urine Stains
  • Flood Damage

    1. Re-Stretching / Shrinkage

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