Rug Cleaning

For best results, we prefer to do all the rug cleaning jobs offsite. But that doesn’t mean the rug cleaning results will be any less satisfactory than what our onsite carpet cleaning clients are accustomed to.

We’ll set up a time with you after which our technician will pick up the rug from your desired location and transport it to our designated rug cleaning facility where we can really get to work on restoring it to its former glory – with no visible signs of stains or blemishes whatsoever once we’re through.

We will also provide you with the time it will take to perform a thorough cleaning job on your rug because we don’t believe in rushing rug cleaning as it can be an intricate and highly nuanced process which requires carefully planned steps.

Once your rug has been cleaned and dried, we’ll contact you to arrange a time that’s convenient and have it transported back to you, where it will be ready to go back to its ‘resting place’, beaming with brand new vigour and picture-perfect cleanliness.

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