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Regular monitoring and testing can be the most effective way to prevent an infestation, our professional service is crucial to identify an infestation and create a plan of action to eradicate it

  • Fully qualified and licensed technicians to spray insecticide within your home or place of business.
  • PH neutral products that are approved to the control of pesticide regulations 1986.
  • High quality insecticide will target your pests in all stages of its life.
  • Rigorous testing to capture and identify if there is an infestation that may not be apparent yet.
  • High Quality Customer Care

    We will talk you through the stages of a pests life cycle and help you identify an infestation. Certain insects will change their habits at different stages of their life such as adult beetles will not feed on your carpet fibres but at a younger stage in their life cycle they did. Certain types of pests can be seasonal for example some beetles are more commonly found in march to september, whereas others can be all year round such as fleas.

    Our technicians are fully trained in health and safety and a risk assessment will be carried out onsite prior to any treatments. Equipped with the correct PPE, our team will advise you what should be done to ensure work can be carried out effectively and safely. Furniture that can be moved out of the area is moved carefully and the process begins.


    There are many different types of fleas with some of the most common being dog fleas and cat fleas.
    Fleas feed on the blood of their host and cannot survive if a host (cat/dog) is not present, they will bite humans but cannot survive on their blood. They lay their eggs in the host’s bed which hatch in about 10 days at room temp.

    Carpet Beetles and Moths

    Not just your carpets are at risk! These insects will feed on any protein fibres – things like furniture, wall covering (art etc) and clothes are all at risk.

    Adult beetles are often found on window sills looking to get to the flowers, they feed on nectar and pollen from plants – it is the beetle larvae that cause damage to textiles.

    If left untreated, they can cause damage beyond repair so it is imperative that you understand the stages of beetles and moths in order to understand how it works. They go through a complete metamorphosis similar to butterflies eggs – larvae – pupa – adult.

    How do I know if I have an infestation?


    Fleas smooth oval grey/white lookithe eggs will not be laid on the host body (cat or dog), you will find the fleas eggs most commonly in the hosts bed.

    Hotter temperatures make beetle eggs hatch faster so heated houses are the ideal environment for them to thrive.

    Moths lay 100’s of eggs, usually spread and close to a food source such as the natural fibres of your carpet or upholstery.


    Beetles larvae have well developed hairs that can cause a rash that may look like a bite if the hairs come into contact with skin

    Damaged Skirting boards & Fabrics

    Beetle larvae will eat into skirting boards leaving a visible hole, they will then crawl into the hole to become pupa.
    Moths and Beetle larvae eat natural protein fibre, larvae feed on a protein called keratin, which is found in textiles that come from animals, such as silk, hair, leather and wool, you may start to notice fabrics around the home have been eaten like the picture below.

    Types of pests and insects we cover;

  • Bedbugs
  • Cockroaches & Silverfish
  • Ants
  • Woodlice, Millipedes & Centipedes
  • Houseflies, Cluster-flies & Mosquitoes
  • Wasps
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